Moose Lake, Prairie Portage, Sarah Lake

(A trip into Quetico Provincial Park)

Starting at Moose Lake just a few miles from the Quetico Park Ranger Station at Prairie Portage.

From Prairie Portage you will travel northwest through Bailey Bay and North Bay of Basswood Lake, and then through Isabella and several smaller lakes to Sarah Lake. At Sarah you can continue northward through McIntyre Lake to a cluster of three lakes: Brent, Conmee and Suzanette – some of the best fishing lakes in Quetico Park – or head west through Robinson Lake to the Basswood River before turning back toward Moose Lake. Allow about six days of travel time for the short route and about eight days for the extended route up into Brent, plus time enough for some sightseeing and great fishing! If you choose the extended route be prepared for plenty of paddling and portaging.