Boundary Waters (BWCA) Canoe Trips: Adventure Awaits You

Boundary Waters canoe trip is more than just a route on a map… more than merely “camping out.” It is a journey into the land of discovery, where ancient foot trails tell of intrepid Voyageurs… Radisson, Hennepin, DuLhut, Nicollet, MacKenzie and LaVerendrye.

Here you will sleep in the serenity that surrounds the dying embers of your evening campfire… with the stillness broken only by the resounding slap of a beaver’s tail, the haunting call of a loon, the lulling murmur of a waterfall or the whisper of a breeze through towering pines. If you listen carefully you can almost hear the soft tread of an Indian moccasin lingering through the years. This is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) country. Here you can enjoy nature at its finest.

Boundary Waters (BWCA) And Quetico Wilderness Canoe Trip Planning For You

You will find us eager to share our knowledge of the BWCA canoe country, Ely Minnesota, with you. Proper trip planning and routing is an important part of our BWCA and Quetico Provincial Park outfitting service. We have been paddling the canoe country for almost fifty years, so we know this area pretty well! We will brief you on what to expect on your Boundary Waters canoe trip, taking care to accurately mark your waterproof canoe maps with such details as suggested campsites, prime Ely, Minnesota fishing holes, the location of waterfalls and rapids, where to see Indian pictographs, the locations of former Hudson Bay Company and Northwest Company trading posts, and some of the spectacular scenic areas of the canoe country.

Whether you choose an extended Boundary Waters canoe trip route or set up a base camp from which to take exploratory day trips, your boundary waters canoe area wilderness trip plan will be filed in our offices so that you may be located in the event of an emergency at home.

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