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Clay Lake

Clay Lake is located just outside the Northeast boundary of Quetico Park. This is a one-way fly-in, paddle-out trip which ends at our Moose Lake Base.

Three Mile Lake

Three Mile Lake, which is really a part of the Namakan River, and flows from Lac La Croix into Namakan Lake, provides access to Wolseley Lake ? home to some of the biggest Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike in Quetico. Also, you are allowed to use a boat and motor if you are camped on…

Lac La Croix

Lac La Croix is one of the most scenic lakes in Quetico, and affords you the opportunity to see Curtain Falls, Rebecca Falls, the Pictographs on the cliffs at the eastern end of Lac La Croix, and Warrior Hill.

Beaverhouse Lake

Beaverhouse Lake, located in the far northwest corner of Quetico Park, provides access to some of the most remote lakes in the Park and is an ideal starting point for a semi-circular trip which ends at Lac La Croix.