Moose Lake, Prairie Portage, Agnes Lake

(A trip into Quetico Provincial Park)

Starting at Moose Lake just a few miles from the Quetico Park Ranger Station at Prairie Portage.

From Prairie Portage you will travel northwest through Bailey Bay of Basswood Lake to Burke Lake. From here you can turn east, traveling through Sunday and Meadows Lakes, to the south end of Agnes Lake, or continue on to North Bay of Basswood Lake and then head toward Agnes via Shade and Silence Lakes. Both alternatives will enable you to make a complete circle and return to Moose Lake. These routes may be shortened or lengthened, but plan on a fair amount of paddling and portaging. Allow a minimum of five days of travel to complete a short circle, and as many as ten to twelve days to extend the route. Add a sufficient number of days for fishing and sightseeing, and a few “layover” days.